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The Making of ICE!

Experience the beloved ICE! attractions this holiday season! Carving more than 2 million pounds of ice at each resort, it will take teams of 40 artisans from Harbin, China approximately six weeks to create each 19,000-square-foot frozen attraction. These expert artisans follow a 300-page design book filled with sketches and blueprints to create individual pieces. Each resort will feature a classic Christmas story, making this is a holiday spectacle not to be missed. 
The very first ICE! experience was presented in 2001.
…or 5,000 tons of ice will be carved by artisans.
It’s a frosty 9 degrees inside ICE!
Ice artisans will travel from Harbin, China.
Carving tools are handmade for the highest precision.
  • How ICE! Comes to Life

    How ICE! Comes to Life

    The process of ICE! is precise and highly focused. Using skills passed down from generation to generation, the artisans follow a 300-page design book filled with sketches and blueprints to create every piece of the exhibit.
    • Colorful Chemistry

      Colorful Chemistry

      Colorful ice (created by a chemist with a special food coloring to maintain its bright color for the entire season), clear ice, and LED lights are all used to create this sparkling spectacle. As you can see, it takes a combination of art, science, and frosty fun to bring Christmas classics to life!​
    • Artisans Arrive

      Artisans Arrive

      Our troupe of expert artisans hails from the city of Harbin, China, home to the world's largest annual ice and snow sculpting festival.​
    • Ice Arrives

      Ice Arrives

      300-pound ice blocks are delivered to the 9-degree environment using a state-of-the-art chilling system that maintains the attraction's chilly temperature.
    • Carving Begins

      Carving Begins

      Carvers will use chisels, chippers, tongs, handsaws, grinders, and even chainsaws to bring the experience to life. It will take the team of artisans about six weeks to create the 19,000-square-foot frozen attraction.​
    • Nativity Scene

      Nativity Scene

      The ICE! experience concludes in a separate area dedicated to a Nativity scene, meticulously carved, and shaped into a dramatic display of crystal-clear ice.
    • Final Product

      Final Product

      In addition to seeing characters from Christmas classics, guests can also ride down two-story-tall ice slides, traverse through ice tunnels and arches, and visit Carver's Showcase to see live sculpting demonstrations.​
    • The Ice City
      Harbin, China

      The Ice City

      Also known as "Ice City," Harbin, China is home to the world's largest annual ice and snow sculpting festival. Temperatures in Harbin fall dramatically to an average of only 2 degrees, sometimes plummeting to -36 degrees! Harbin stays below freezing for almost half the year.​
    • "The magic behind the Making of ICE! is truly something special. My family has never seen anything like it! A holiday tradition that will live on for many years to come."

      -Jessica M.

    Become part of the Christmas stories you love

    Book your ICE! experience at any of our resorts, where you will don our signature blue parka and enjoy this one-of-a-kind holiday attraction.